BAEF Annual Fundraising 2021

A word from the President

For the academic year 2021-2022, B.A.E.F. proudly sponsors 100 students and researchers in all academic fields. The present boat encompasses 89 Belgian Fellows (including one second year MBA 2020 Fellow) pursuing academic careers in the United States in addition to 11 American Fellows studying in Belgium.  

The Boat of 2021 uniquely includes 9 Fellows from the Boat of 2020 who postponed their Fellowship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Read more

Alumni Fundraising Drive

As every year, we are launching our annual fundraising campaign. The main objective is to have a large number of Alumni contributing, even a small amount.

In line with our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we will again  allocate the funds raised to Fellows from less privileged socio-economic backgrounds.

The Alumni Fellowship 2021 was awarded to Alexandra Cooreman, a very young and talented violonist who just started her bachelor degree at the Curtis Institute of Music. 

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