Centennial Fund Donation

BAEF Centennial Fund

As BAEF enters its next century, the Foundation clearly wants to pursue and reinforce its mission to contribute to a society faced with numerous challenges of increasing complexity.

In that spirit, the Board of Directors of the BAEF decided to create a dedicated BAEF Centennial Fund to provide support to brilliant students who want to pursue a career that has a significant societal impact. The ambition of the Board is to create a quasi-endowment that would allow the BAEF to grant a “Centennial” Fellowship every single academic year.

Rodolphe de Hemptinne together with his wife Fiona du Monceau de Bergendal who both were MBA Fellows respectively of the boat 2002 and 2004 are lead donors of this Centennial Fund. Their personal initiative is a sign of enormous gratitude to the BAEF Foundation that has made their dreams come true by greatly enhancing their ability to impact society. Fiona and Rodolphe are giving back to the BAEF in a way that is fully in line with their strong personal beliefs.

The “Centennial Fund” Fellow should demonstrate, in addition to exceptional merit, a clear purpose to tackle major societal problems.

We appeal to all Alumni to join Fiona and Rodolphe in this Centennial Fund initiative that will make the BAEF Fellowships even more relevant as it enters its second century of existence.

Thank you for making a tax-deductible donation to the BAEF Centennial Fund.


Donations can be made to the “The Friends of B.A.E.F. Fund”, payable online to the account of the King Baudouin Foundation : Click here to make a donation.

Donations of € 40 or more made in Belgium are tax deductible.


Checks for tax-exempt donations should be made payable to Belgian American Educational Foundation and mailed to:

Belgian American Educational Foundation, Inc.
195 Church Street
New Haven, CT 06510

We call on your generosity to continue the mission of the Belgian American Educational Foundation. 

Education has the peculiar property that you can not give it back to those who educated us, we can only pass it on!