16 November 2020

BAEF Alumni Reunion on Thanksgiving

Dear BAEF Alumni,

2020 was supposed to offer the opportunity to celebrate all together the Centennial of the BAEF, through festive events both in Belgium and in the US.

It turns out to be a challenging year for our current Belgian and US Fellows but also a year where the BAEF has done its uppermost to continue, against all odds, to fulfil its mission of fostering friendship between Belgium and the United States.

Come and join us for our first virtual Alumni Reunion on Thanksgiving, November 26, 2020 at 6 pm (CET) noon (EST).

You will :

  • Get up a full update on how the BAEF has fared so far in the context of the Covid crisis
  • Hear about the Changy-Duplat Alumni Fellowship; a wonderful initiative led by two BAEF alumni
  • Be informed about the recent initiatives the BAEF is launching in the context of its Centennial

Would you be so kind as to confirm your attendance to the virtual Alumni Reunion by filling in the form below:

Yes, I will attend the BAEF virtual Alumni Reunion

If you cannot attend the event, do not hesitate to contribute to the Alumni Fellowships fundraising effort.  The amount raised will be channeled toward helping BAEF Fellows from less privileged socio-economic backgrounds.

As a reminder, contributions are tax-deductible in Belgium, in the US as well as in many other countries.